Dystopia – are we there yet?

Nineteen Eighty-Four. Brave New World. We. Fahrenheit 451. Classic dystopian novels, through which authors engaged with their readers by depicting worlds that were not only visions of some distant, sci-fi future, but futures that were not actually all that unimaginable, with themes firmly rooted in the political, economic and social tensions of the 20th century.… Read More Dystopia – are we there yet?


{Also featured on my 2nd blog, Russia Revisited} I have been converted. Having visited Moscow on several occasions when I lived in nearby Tver, I never felt particularly drawn to the city. I tried to love it, but each time I went I was let down. Face-control snobbery, expensive food, too big to properly get… Read More Moscow

Are university graduates too picky to get jobs? 

According to a recent study made by High Fliers Research, the number of graduate vacancies available to students may be at a high, but roles are increasingly left unfilled because students are becoming too picky to take them. In the annual Graduate Market study, which analyses graduate vacancies and starting salaries at the UK’s top… Read More Are university graduates too picky to get jobs?