Yes or No?

Yes. No. Two short words that have the power to control what happens in your world and the world around you, and alter peoples’ perception of you. Whilst we use these words as part of our daily vocabulary, we do not often consider the stigma attached to them as they become not just positive or negative confirmations,… Read More Yes or No?

Dystopia – are we there yet?

Nineteen Eighty-Four. Brave New World. We. Fahrenheit 451. Classic dystopian novels, through which authors engaged with their readers by depicting worlds that were not only visions of some distant, sci-fi future, but futures that were not actually all that unimaginable, with themes firmly rooted in the political, economic and social tensions of the 20th century.… Read More Dystopia – are we there yet?

O’ a’ the toons that I’ve been in, I dearly love Dundee

When talking about Dundee, some people might refer to the Scottish city by its unfortunate nickname, ‘Scumdee’. Others might retort by affirming a rather more positive sobriquet, ‘Fundee’ (Woo!). Some might immediately draw upon horror stories of a murky underworld of drug lords and teenage pregnancy. Others might draw upon proof of the city’s emerging contribution to… Read More O’ a’ the toons that I’ve been in, I dearly love Dundee