Art gallery review – Эрарта

Think of art in St. Petersburg and you will undoubtedly imagine the Hermitage, architectural splendour, cathedrals and Neoclassical mansions lining the Neva river. Whilst these classical monuments are unquestionably worthy of our awe and attention, the modern art scene of such a city can often be overlooked by visitors. Indeed, my friend and I had intended to […]

via Эрарта — Russia Revisited


3 thoughts on “Art gallery review – Эрарта

    1. It’s such a beautiful city isn’t it! This was only my second visit, but I found so many new places, and loved finding these pockets of contemporary art and modern youth culture amongst the classical buildings and museums 🙂 Would definitely need to spend more time there to fully appreciate the sights!

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      1. Oh we fully agree. The one thing we realize about St Petersburg is that – it was not as much changed under the soviets. So it retains a lot of the original charm the city was built with. Plus it is still Russia’s window to the west with people there generally having more liberal attitude towards culture and art. That all helps!


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