23 thoughts at 23

  1. Nobody likes you when you’re 23…
  2. …And you still act like you’re in freshman year, what the hell is wrong with me? TUNE.
  3. Where is my phone?
  4. Where is my hair bobble?
  5. Where are my shoes?!
  6. Why don’t I listen to Fuse ODG more often? He’s great.
  7. Wow I’m quite old actually.
  8. I’m almost 10 years older than a 15-year old, wtf.
  9. Am I getting older or is everyone else getting younger?
  10. Would 17-year old like 23-year old me? I feel like we are very different people, like she is just someone in my memory. It’s a bit sad, she was a sweet girl I think, if a little naïve and lost.
  11. Kylie Jenner is only 19…
  12. Why am I eating fried chicken at 4am?
  13. Does it make me cold-hearted to be neither a dog nor a cat person?
  14. I’m not a grown-up. I’ll be a grown-up when I’m 30.
  15. Can I actually change the world? It sounds pretty idealistic. But maybe there’s nothing wrong with a bit of idealism and big dreams. I just need to find some that are actually matched to my skills.
  16. My room is a mess and I still don’t care.
  17. I have such wonderful friends and a family that care for me. That’s pretty special.
  18. I will never admire another person as much as my dad, and there will never be anyone as unconditionally kind, warm and positive as my mum.
  19. We all have up days and down days, and I think I’m getting a little better at dealing with the downs. Chocolate.
  20. I still use a thesaurus when writing essays.
  21. I have realised that learning never stops, and that I don’t need to put a cap on when to stop studying just because I’m no longer at school or uni. I’m excited to keep learning. Yay, knowledge.
  22. I am still a perfectionist, but I try not to be so hard on myself. I’m still figuring out what I’m good at, but it’s equally important to understand your flaws. They are not totally disparate from your strengths anyway. (On a side note, I will never stop searching for the sport that I know I will excel at. It exists and I will be sporty.)
  23. Wow, 23. 5 years after turning 18. Still getting ID’d to buy alcohol or go to a club. Time just seems to move ever so swiftly onward, and each year goes faster and faster. It’s really true what they say! But it’s okay, still 7 years until adulthood… 🙂

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