New Year’s Resolutions

There is something a bit more concrete about writing down your hopes and wishes rather than just having them floating around the ether of your own mind. So here goes, my list of promises to myself for the year 2017.

  1. Keep a journal – even if it’s just a line a day. You used to be so good at keeping your diary, and you know how bad your memory is. Don’t let yourself forget these moments!
  2. Blog more – writing is what you want to do, do it more. You have so many ideas in your head, you’ll feel better if you put pen to paper and translate these thoughts onto a page.
  3. Cook something new every week – you are getting better at cooking, keep it up! It’s fun and you like good food!
  4. Exercise more – this comes up every year, but there’s no excuse not to. Start yoga classes again, go and find that climbing wall that is somewhere in this city.
  5. Learn Russian better – you know the language, you can speak Russian, and you should have more confidence in that, but you could be doing so much more! Read and watch stuff in Russian please!
  6. Read more in general actually – even a chapter a day, why don’t you read more?! Reading isn’t just for when you travel, Anna. Get off the internet sometimes.
  7. Play the guitar – you have a great opportunity here. A friend gave you a guitar and you never practice. One hour a week, that’s all I ask.
  8. Did I mention cooking? – I really want you to get better at this, watching Jamie Oliver youtube videos will only teach you so much, you need to start actually practicing.
  9. Continue doing what you like doing – take long walks, sing daily, take photos.
  10. Be artistic – you have a sketch pad and a camera, put them to good use.

The Anna that writes these rules may be more motivated and more sensible than the Anna in real life sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that these goals are unachievable. Here’s to 2017 and making the most of another great year and the great opportunities that I have been given. Happy New Year!


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